Struggling to build fast and delightful search experience?

Do you recognize these challenges:

We feel you. In our last 3 projects, we had to implement some kind of search solution. Sometimes it is even a primary way a new client starts to interact with the application. We see this pattern no matter the industry: ticketing, catering, e-commerce. There are some challenging and rewarding aspects of implementing a search page. But often the patterns (in terms of queries and frontend components) are very similar. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Nobody likes spending weeks on building a search based on ElasticSearch, writing all the frontend components, connecting them to a backend via APIs, maintaining the servers. That might be exactly what you need later on, but is it what you need at the beginning for your application? Perhaps what matters most to you is time and time is money.

Would you like to try a solution which allows quickly testing and validating ideas? A search for which a frontend can be built in minutes to try out the experience? And a backend which can integrate nicely with your existing framework?

In our last application we’ve tried the trio Rails+React.js+Algolia and we’ve been always happy with the results. We love to showcase, explain and teach about solutions which work for us in real projects. That’s why we have books on React and that is why we recorded this 2hr video course. It shows how to start with Algolia in a Rails app. Every episode presents what needs to be done on frontend side and backend side to deliver a fully functional, working feature. We know that after watching it, you will know how to save hours of your time when you need to deliver a search solution next time.




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What’s inside?

23 video episodes (most of them around 5 min long) which together combine to almost 2 hours of video material. We start with a fresh rails app and end up with a fully working, delightful, interactive search page that responds immediately to any changes.

Every video covers frontend and backend changes required to deliver a fully functional feature and to achieve a certain milestone. Application code is included! We are going to use Rails, React.js, Webpack & Webpacker, Material-UI components and Algolia.

List of espisodes

  1. Creating a fresh Rails app with webpack and React.js integration - 04:56
  2. Setup first index model - 06:50
  3. Overview of indexed data in Algolia - 01:55
  4. Move indexing into a background job - 05:11
  5. Scaffolding for the search interface with React.js - 09:52
  6. Displaying searched events - 05:06
  7. Adding a search box for providing a search query - 03:59
  8. Highlighting searched phrase in search results - 01:47
  9. Providing snippets of the searched phrase in events’ descriptions. - 02:24
  10. Display event’s image in search results - 01:17
  11. Putting the search results into multi-column responsive grid - 02:29
  12. Implementing a custom component for search results layout - 04:11
  13. Excluding drafts from our search results - 03:01
  14. Sorting search results based on dates - 10:12
  15. Filtering out finished events & configuring the pagination - 05:24
  16. Adding pagination component - 01:29
  17. Admin search page with a backend integration - 04:30
  18. Displaying drafts and published events in admin backend search - 01:52
  19. Securing your API keys - 02:26
  20. Display a counter of drafts and published events in the admin search UI - 07:16
  21. Limiting admin backend search to a single state - 02:05
  22. Searching events by categories - 06:48
  23. Implementing a custom React.js component for selecting event dates - 14:00



What is the format of included videos?

H.264, Full HD, 1080p

What if I don’t like this course?

If the product does not satisfy you, just reply to your purchase receipt email and we will issue a refund. No hard feelings.

Will I get access to the code?

Yes, the code of the application is included for download as well.

How long is the course right now?

1 hour 50 minutes in total for the 23 episodes.