React experts as a Service

React is the new, hot thing in JavaScript and Frontend world. If you want to have more leads and earn more, you need to know it.

But it takes time for your team to learn it, doesn’t it? You cannot become an expert in one day! But, you can get access to them!

Thousands of hours of expertise

We started our journey with React in March, 2014. Since that moment we’ve applied it to multiple customers’ projects in many ways. We’ve written two books about it, created react.js koans, run public and private workshops.

You can’t beat this real-life experience with tutorials.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Stuck? Confused? Curious?

Explain the problem on our dedicated Slack channel for your team. Post a screenshot, code, stack trace or gist.

There are chances we’ve already seen this problem and are familiar with it, so we can help you in minutes. If we don’t we will help you research or debug the issue and we will respond async.


Interested? Contact us!