I never had any issue with Rails autoload

Are you that person? I confess I studied Autoloading and Reloading Constants guide several times. But I still make those autoload mistakes.

Let’s face it – Rails autoloading is hard. You need to be constantly aware of it. And sometimes even that is not enough.

Have you ever changed your design only to satisfy Rails autoloader behaviour? Coping with it requires constant bending to the rules how your files are structured. Not only the namespacing, but also the directory structure 😱

Are you familiar with to_prepare and in control of objects initialization? Have you already changed relevant requires to require_dependency?

There is life with Rails without autoloading! For a long time I’ve lived with the presumption that this is the only way in Rails. You can escape The Rails Way but autoloading will catch you in the end. It turns out I was wrong. Life without autoload is possible. And it is eye-opening how different it is!