Junior Rails Developer course

Enter the entertaining world of the IT career. Upgrade your wages and join the fantastic community of Rails developers.

Programming is a skill that is very beneficial in our wild 21st century. Initiatives like Code.org are growing and not without the cause - knowing at least basics of programming may be an important skill for everyone in the future.

But maybe you want more. Not just knowing the basics, but be on the industry-ready level. Quit your current job. Make your dreams about being a software developer true.

Unfortunately, learning programming is a big task. Beginners have a big problem with it. What is important? What should I learn? Those are questions that are asked way too often. There are lots of articles, tutorials, books, video courses, stationary trainings. But do they bring any value? Do they bring you closer to your goal of finding the first software developer job?

What often is a problem is not a lack of materials - but having too many materials. As a beginner, you can’t evaluate the quality and content of those materials correctly - which brings frustration, anxiety and even a willing to abandon the dream. It’s understandable - everyone working in the industry now was a beginner at first. But if you ask them how to start, they’re likely to give you totally different answers, often contradicting with each other. Leaving you even more confused and frustrated.

Even if you are determined and start working hard on learning, it’s for certain that you’ll get stuck. It’s nothing wrong - everyone was stuck in the past. But it generates even more negative feelings - you are sitting in the front or your PC, helpless and totally confused what to google to fix your problem.

Also, don’t forget that you’re not the only one - they’re hundreds of people willing to change their career to shift into IT work. It may be stressful. How to get an advantage over others? In a “clean” way - so you’ll benefit both you and others who are on the same boat? Is it even possible to gain advantage and help others at the same time?

This is a rather grim picture for you. Is there any hope to achieve your goal without all those negative feelings?

What if…

In fact, we can help you. We’re happy to do so - we believe everyone can be a software developer. We’ll focus on providing you all skills necessary to find your first job as a junior Rails developer. Don’t get it wrong - you’ll still need to work hard! Programming skills is not something that is very easy to get - and there need to be hours of coding or making mistakes by yourself. What you can get from us is that those hours won’t be wasted and will bring you closer to your first job.

In detail, our offer consists of:

What you need to do is work hard. We’re here to make sure your hard work will give you career opportunities as soon as possible.


If you are interested in working with us in such manner, you need to contact us by an e-mail. We’ll discuss details like pricing with you using an e-mail.


Thanks to @arkency I’ll now work in an IT company from September, starting as a tester, so excited! https://t.co/vQIHUUaXPB

— Jan Jankowski (@theyankoway) July 28, 2016

Some great news. Thanks to @arkency I will be starting new job as Junior Rails Developer at @selleo in August. Couldn’t be happier :)

— Luke Pawlik (@luke_pawlik) July 22, 2017

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The price of the Junior Rails Developer class is $1000 / month.

For the first 10 students we give big discounts.

The recruitment process

The next recruitment is by 15th August, the price will be $600 a month. (For the next student it will be $700 / month etc.)

We usually have more people interested than available slots. We filter the people based on the screening call. We require every candidate to finish “Ruby koans” as the first exercise.

The length of the course

It all depends on the student’s current skills and on the available time (we require 6-10 hours a week as a minimum). The expected timeline is 4 months.

The goal

The primary goal of the class is to help you find a Junior Rails Developer job. We can’t guarantee that of course, but what we can guarantee is that you’ll be seriously considered at Rails recruitment processes. As part of the class, we help you prepare for such recruitment calls.

The structure

The class consists of 4 main modules:

How to apply?

Just send us an email to support@arkency.com