2 years after the first event - The Saga Pattern

As you build more advanced solutions, you may find that certain interactions in your system depend on more than one bounded context. Order, Inventory, Payments, Delivery. To deliver one feature often many sub-system are involved. But you want the modules to be isolated and independent. Yet something must coordinate their work and business processes. Welcome the choreographer - the Saga Pattern a.k.a. Process Manager.




Excellent talk about Sagas by @pankowecki! Thanks! #wrocloverb

— Kuba Niechciał (@jakubniechcial) March 12, 2016

Make events, not CRUD! Great presentation about Sagas by @pankowecki #wrocloverb

— Michał Łomnicki (@mlomnicki) March 12, 2016

A super interesting talk by @pankowecki is happening right now @wrocloverb pic.twitter.com/7ynl8MYCed

— Anton Paisov (@antonpaisov) March 12, 2016

A lot of questions to @pankowecki after his talk about sagas at #wrocloverb :) pic.twitter.com/xQFLLuoHZ0

— Mirosław Pragłowski (@mpraglowski) March 12, 2016

Cool Q&A session after @pankowecki talk! #wrocloverb

— Adam Niedzielski (@niedzielskiadam) March 12, 2016

„The Saga Pattern” by @pankowecki from @arkency. I missed this talk on 2 conferences, time to watch it on YT https://t.co/t8ExYlePBS #events

— Mariusz Gil (@mariuszgil) April 27, 2016