Stuck with coding problems? Arkency experts are here to help you.

Working in a project with rich business domain is a challenging, yet rewarding task. There is a lot of responsibility on you, as a software developer. Business demands features - small or complex ones. The bigger your client success is, the more demanding your work starts to be.

And it’s not easy to cope with this challenge. Being able to add sophisticated features fast, as well as maintaining the overall quality of the codebase. It’s easy to wake up in a codebase being… hard to understand, to say at least. Already implemented features starts to break, because testing was on the bottom of your priorities’ list. Those regressions are starting to undermine the trust client has to you. That means more meetings, more control. More processes. Intentions are great, but all of that is slowing you down further.

Regressions are one problem. But app is starting to run slow. It’s too slow to cope with tasks it’s trying to make. Your client can lose money, and you lose countless hours, searching for optimization gains. Bad performance leads to stability problems - have you ever been woke up at 3am, because your app just gone down?

And it’s not the end of your nightmare list. Stress is kicking in. You are starting to ask yourself “am I good enough to work with this project?”. Depression and stress takes its toll - the code is starting to get more and more messy. Features are implemented in a wrong way.

Those are problems that will strike you, sooner or later. Nothing is wrong with you - it’s all normal. You need to learn how to work with a production app. You need to learn how to cope with failures - and failures are inevitable. You need to take your lessons as a software developer - and it’ll cost you.

It doesn’t need to be that way. What if you’d have a constant support from someone, who has worked (and is still working!) with such complex systems all the time? This is exactly what we can offer you.

Arkency is a consulting agency. We work with legacy projects, as well as demanding projects which needs a lot of domain crunching and sophisticated features. We’ve learned our lessons during years of being in this business. Often the hard way.It was often a horrible, stressful experience. But with every failure we stood here, stronger than before.

We believe that you don’t need to take this painful road. We’ve coined the “business-to-developers” term for a reason - our mission is to make software better and more reliable. Sharing our knowledge with developers is a big part of this goal. We do it with variety of methods - from blogposts or books, to videos or stationary trainings.

But those are generic ways to do it. This is the offer for you - we can mentor you and help you with your day-to-day work. You can ask a particular question and we’ll try to answer it - as well as giving you our comments and recommendations about the ‘big picture’ around the question. We can also review your implementation, showing you code smells and potential ways to eliminate them. Your main channel for communicating with us will be a personal Slack channel where you can reach us. This support is done in an async-remote way - that means you’ll get an answer, but not necessarily instantly. That comes with a benefit that you can ask us in wild hours and you’ll get an answer when we’ll be available :).

Interested? You can drop us an e-mail, where we’ll discuss details. We’re looking forward to hear from you!


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