Civilization 5 & 6 Hosting

Would you like to play Civilization 5 or 6 with your coworkers and friends?

Let us set up and host the Civilization server for you. Only $99/month per running game for first clients.

In our remote, async friendly company, Civ gameserver is the equivalent of having Playstation in the office.


Max 8 players per game.

You can play in Pitboss mode (just like Arkency does) so that every player makes moves asynchronously.

You can customize max turn time. We play with 24hrs per turn so that everyone has plenty of time to make a move.

Synchronous start of the game is required at the beginning.

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@pankowecki @arkency you write great books AND run a civ server?! I now like you even more! #CIVFan

— Fred@Bootstrap (@FredAtBootstrap) April 14, 2016

@pankowecki @arkency cool way to build company culture even when you’re all remote

— Maciej Aniserowicz (@maniserowicz) May 16, 2016

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