Publish your programming book with us. Generate passive income for you or your company.

We, programmers, have a lot of knowledge to share - and we do it in many ways. Talking with your team, attending to conferences, joining local meetups - it’s all about sharing knowledge.

It is a true gem - it’s something that is quite unique in our industry. But sharing knowledge also has its cost - when you share it, you won’t get paid for this time.

After a while you may find yourself going meetups or conferences more rarely. It is because you have your bills to pay and you need to focus on work. You have a lot of knowledge and experience that is extremely valuable - and you’ve earned it during hours of hard work, researching solutions and writing code. You may feel the urge of sharing it all - but you don’t have time to do it for free.

The ideal solution would be to share your knowledge and be paid for it - people who paid for your knowledge will have it for a fraction of a price you paid to obtain it. Your expertise, in fact, will directly allow others to earn more money. Your knowledge can be applied to make features more maintainable and easier to ship, reducing the cost of an implementation. Or can be used to write more robust and secure systems, avoiding costs attached to service the failure.

The other problem with meetups & conferences is that they’re good for experiencing them, but not that useful when you want to refer to them. Unless they’re recorded, there is no way to refer to them later. And even if they are recorded, scanning videos are way less effective than scanning text.

Maybe you think you’re not a great book author. You think: Man, Fowler/Uncle Bob/Sandi Metz/ is a master compared to me!. Think twice. You are an effective programmer. You are writing a software which is actually used. You may think your knowledge is mostly obvious - it is not. Heck, we wrote this blogpost and it’s a HUGE success - and you can read about the topic in React.js docs. Still, people found this knowledge very valuable!

Have you ever thought about writing the book? Or maybe you’ve just started writing the content? That’s great! If you haven’t - maybe you’ll be convinced after reading it :).

In Arkency we’ve published many books. As with many things in the world, after writing the first one we’ve been totally surprised what side effects it caused. Earning money is, in fact, only one of the benefits you get from publishing a book.

Let’s iterate what dreams you can achieve by publishing a book:

We’ve realised those dreams, built an audience that wants our books and want to share it with you.

Book publishing as a service

A journey from starting writing the book to publishing it is a rather lengthy process. There are many caveats you need to avoid if you want your book to be reached by lots of people. We made mistakes in the past and learned from it, so you won’t need to make them too.

What we offer is a complete support on all stages - from starting writing to publishing the book, as well as the ongoing support during the whole process. What you get is:

We propose a 50/50 split of revenues. Which is, in fact, a bargain in this world :).


If you are interested, we’re happy to talk with you - just drop us an e-mail and we’ll set up details with you. We’re looking forward to hear from you!