Blogging for busy programmers

Do you remember how you decided to blog more? Was it 2 years ago? 3 years ago?

Look at your blog now.

What has gone wrong?

You decided that all the existing blog engines suck and went to implement your own? The ultimate blogging engine, everyone will use, right?

Or maybe “the life thing” caught you and THERE IS NO TIME.

Time constraints”

Blogging takes time away from your other interests.

It takes time, research and you don’t like it?

“I simply don’t have time

“Lack of time

What if you look at your blog in 1 year from now and there would be 20 blogposts?

How would you feel if people tweet a link to your blog adding “must read”?

Would it be nice to be recognised as an expert in your technology?

How would you feel if people wrote emails to you thanking you for sharing your knowledge?

What if your resume consisted of just 1 line? An URL to your blog?

How would you feel if publishers contacted you about writing books?

What would it be like if conference organisers contacted you about speaking as a recognisable blogger?

What if I tell you it’s possible to blog and not sacrifice your family time?

I started blogging in 2006 and since then I blogged >150 times, I started writing books. It opened me to start a company, find great clients, find great people to work with. It all started from blogging.

The book “Blogging for busy programmers” is the essence of my blogging experience. You will find many techniques to save time while blogging, including time-boxing, starting from the middle, keeping your English correct enough.

You will learn about different types of blogposts.

Andrzej Krzywda’s book is full of examples and tips how to: ★ Don’t worry about your English ★ Ship what you have ★ Stay motivated ★ Why blogging is beneficial for you ★ How to reach more people

Wojtek Ryrych
lead Ember.js developer at Selleo

What’s inside?

57 pages right now.

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What are the supported formats?

Right now we are supporting PDF, .ePub and Amazon Kindle (.Mobi) format. In our opinion, it is most convenient to read the book as PDF. You will receive all three formats in a nicely packed ZIP file.

What if I don’t like this book?

If the book doesn’t satisfy you, just reply to your purchase receipt email and I will issue a refund. No hard feelings.

How will I get the updates?

We will send them to you via email to the same address that you provide during the checkout process.

$29 Buy Now