How many blogposts have you published so far?

Many programmers would like to have a blog, but all they have is an unfinished blogging engine. As programmers, we’re usually very effective when it comes to writing code. However, writing blogposts seems to block us.

The first blocking point is usually the choice of blogging engine (or usually deciding on writing our own - the biggest blogging mistake ever!).

The second blocking point is the domain, the blog name, the layout. I know people who were blocked for years on this…

The third blocking point is … yeah, the thinking that we have nothing interesting to say. Why would anyone be interested in reading the obvious stuff, right?

If you’re past those blocking points, then there’s the killer waiting - the fourth blocking point - how to find time for blogging?

Time is our currency. We can spend 4-6 hours on the next coding task, so why “waste” time on unproductive things like blogging?

What if you were a great programmer but also an active programming blogger?

Wouldn’t it be great, if your blog had 50 blogposts?

What if I told you, it’s possible to write new blogposts, without sacrificing the programming time?

What if you were able to write blogposts in 15-20 minutes?

Wouldn’t it feel great, if you googled for a problem and found your blogpost?

How would it feel if people sent tweets, emails, thanking you for a specific blogpost?

Blogging for busy programming

It’s now 11 years of my blogging. When I started in 2006, it was mostly being inspired by my programmer friend. Watching him publishing a blogpost just before leaving for the lunch break (in 10 minutes!) was just mind blowing!

I decided to take the same approach. Now, after 11 years, I have published about 150-200 blogposts on many different blogs. Thanks to the blog, I started a freelancing career, which quickly turned into running an awesome company - Arkency. Through the blog, I found customers, I found great programmers to work with. Through the blog, conference organizers are inviting me, publishers are asking me to write books. BTW, from blogging to book writing is not that far. Thanks to blogging I achieved one of my life-dreams, I self-published 2 programming books and helped writing another 5 books.

At some point I took the techniques of effective blogging and started what I call a “blogging therapy” at Arkency. This resulted in one of the most active Ruby blogs in the world, with over 100k pageviews a month. Apparently, the techniques were working for everyone who wanted to blog more!

This blogging therapy is now available as the book, but also as workshops. A 4-hour workshop is enough to talk about the techniques, help you unblock and see you publish a blogpost during the workshop!

If you or your company is interested in such workshop, contact me at

The book

If you prefer reading now, instead of waiting for the workshop, then the “Blogging for busy programmers” ebook is for you.