What is ArkencyCoin?

ArkencyCoin (AC) is a cryptocurrency token created on the Waves Platform - Waves is an open-source blockchain platform.

ArkencyCoin as a token is managed by Arkency. In a way, ArkencyCoin is connected to the Arkency business. With the growth of the Arkency business, the value of ArkencyCoin should grow too.

Why would I buy/own ArkencyCoin?

There are possibly two main reasons to buy ArkencyCoins.

  1. Our products/services may often be cheaper with AC
  2. Buying AC is a way of investment - you can keep it and sell later, assuming it grows in value.

Probably it makes most sense to get AC if you alredy know us, trust us and you believe in our growth. We can’t promise anything yet, apart from treating this mechanism as seriosly as we treat other parts of our business.

How can I get ArkencyCoins?

As for now, there’s only one way to buy them - through the Waves DEX - exchange mechanism. Some people already own AC and they can decide to sell them on DEX. Also, Arkency from time to time gives offers to buy AC with the Waves currency. Our current strategy is to issue new offers, each of them is more expensive, with time. In the future, we’re going to use airdropping - to gratify our loyal clients. If you’re interested in this part, please contact us at We also plan to AC-gratify people who contribute to our open-source software, like RailsEventStore.

What can I buy with ArkencyCoins?

Until 31 August, 2018 we have a limited offer - you can buy one of our bestselling book - “Blogging for busy programmers” worth $29, for 29 ArkencyCoins. It’s basically free. All you need to do is to:

  1. create a Wave wallet
  2. buy some ArkencyCoins (very cheap now)
  3. send 29 AC to the following address: 3PCLwTwgBeSm3hZZRVzAktFS6JCvsw3F9BL
  4. send an email to with the transaction id
  5. within hours you will receive the book

In the future other of our services - tranings, conferences (like Rails Architects Conference), software as a service will also be available to buy with AC. Once we’re ready to start selling more of our products for AC, we’ll notify our clients - most likely through the mailing list first.

We’re still early in our learning what we can do with the company token. There might be other options in the future - for example paying with AC to get a feature in our OSS ecosystem implemented quicker.